10 Reasons Kitties Love the Holidays


The holiday season is upon us, and to honor our furry family members Advanced Background Checks is bringing you the top 10 reasons kitties love the holidays!


1. Presents


Covered in crinkly wrapping paper and bows, presents are tons of fun!


2. Boxes


Even better than the present is the box it came in! Your cat is sure to get endless hours of joy from the box while never touching the present inside.


3. Ribbon


Almost as good as the box, the ribbons are also a staple for holiday kitty joy.


4. Trees


Christmas trees make the perfect hiding place for unexpected attacks. They even have toys hanging from their branches!


5. Ornaments


Speaking of toys on the tree, the ornament is the ultimate in holiday decor toys for cats. Because after all- anything this fun MUST be for kitties, right?


6. More Ornaments!


Ornaments are so nice we’ve put them on our list twice! We’re pretty sure that kitties like this are the reason that shatter-proof ornaments (like these from Macy’s) were made.


7. Eggnog


Cats think eggnog is great, and who can blame them? But don’t forget the cookies- this cookie plate cat toy  from Petco® is sure to make your Santa “Claws” happy!


8. Gift Bags


Second only to the tree, gift bags are great for surprise attacks.  Check out this sneaky kitty- he seems like the type of guy you might want to check out on Advanced Background Checks!


9. Snowmen


Outdoor kitties can get in on the fun as well- just check out this guy with his awesome snowmen!


10. Fireplaces


All of these things are great, but of everything on this list we’d have to say that curling up in front of the fire after a long day of holiday fun is paws-down the best!


Know of more kitty favorites for the holidays? Share them with us in the comments!



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