Cabin Thieves

Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

Many of us know at least one person who’s had personal items stolen from their home. But how many of us know someone who had an entire home stolen?

A vacationing family recently attempted to stay at their home away from home, a cabin in Washington. When they arrived they were shocked to see … nothing. Their cabin was gone.

The confused family made “STOLEN” signs with a picture of their rural dwelling. But no one seemed to know what happened. And cabins rarely walk away on their own.

Stolen Cabin

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Teen Escapes From Police … Until He Returns For His Hat


Advanced Background Checks Presents: Unusual Crime Stories!


A teenager in Eastlake Ohio recently managed to get away from pursing Police Officers. At least for a little while.


The 18-year-old driver ran a red light one morning. His violation was seen by a nearby Officer, who attempted to pull the teen over. This teenager, however, was not interested in cooperating.

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Richard Matt and David Sweat: Two Killers Escape From A New York Prison

It was the kind of daring escape you’d only expect to see in a movie. Two convicted killers, Richard Matt and David Sweat, broke out of the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York. More than ten days later, their whereabouts are still unknown.

NY Escaped Prisoners


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