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Brotherly Brick Brawl


Brick Brawling Brothers

Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

They say the family that plays together, stays together. We aren’t aware of any cute sayings that explain what happens when families throw bricks at each other.

Two brothers are about to learn the consequences of that unusual scenario. The story begins with Michael and James Remelius having an argument.

Man Collects Bail Money … By Robbing A Bank


Rivas and Ambriz

Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

When you love someone, you may be willing to do a lot for them. But there are some things you just should not do. Like commit a felony.

A man named Robert Rivas is accused of robbing the Utah Community Credit Union. His motive was simple. He needed bail money for his girlfriend.

Woman Calls In A Bomb Threat To Get A Ride


Florida Woman Fakes Bomb ThreatAdvanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

There are many ways to get somewhere if you don’t have a car.

You could ask a friend, take public transportation or request a Taxi, Lyft or Uber. But one thing you should never do is make a fake bomb threat.

Hero Bus Driver Witnesses A Kidnapping Victim


bsIt was a nightmare scenario. A three-year-old boy was kidnapped from a library in Milpitas, CA. His terrified mother had no idea where he could be.

The kidnapping was reported immediately, and authorities sent out a desperate Alert. In kidnapping cases, time is always an essential factor.

Woman Wears A “Won’t Be Caught” Shirt While Shoplifting


Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

They say you should dress for success in every situation. One woman in Citrus Park, Florida seems to have truly taken that concept to heart.

She was caught on camera – (allegedly) shoplifting from an Ulta Beauty Supply Store. While wearing a shirt that boldly proclaimed: “Won’t Be Caught.”

Won't Be Caught Shirt

Man Hires Stuffed Owl As Attorney


Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

It’s said that a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.

But what do you say about a man who hires a stuffed owl to act on his behalf?


Police Impersonator Pulls Over Two Detectives


John Arthur Benedict Mugshot

There’s a famous fill-in-the-blank saying: “They told me I could be anything I want, so I became a …”
You can claim to be anything at all.

A Florida man recently discovered that this concept isn’t necessarily true.

Burglar Falls Asleep “On The Job”



Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

A man named T. Bontrager was recently arrested for burglary. This is a serious crime, but we’re hoping that one of his fellow inmates asks how he got caught. Because Bontrager would be forced to answer: “I needed a nap.”

Cabin Thieves


Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

Many of us know at least one person who’s had personal items stolen from their home. But how many of us know someone who had an entire home stolen?

A vacationing family recently attempted to stay at their home away from home, a cabin in Washington. When they arrived they were shocked to see … nothing. Their cabin was gone.

The confused family made “STOLEN” signs with a picture of their rural dwelling. But no one seemed to know what happened. And cabins rarely walk away on their own.

Stolen Cabin