Facebook is one of the most popular avenues for social interaction on the Web.  It can help us reconnect with people, keep in touch with loved ones or even make new friends. However, Facebook also shows us some less-than-desirable qualities of the people who share our electronic world. We’ve gathered 10 examples below of people who post cringe-worthy comments in this very public forum. How many of your friends have shown their darker side by exhibiting these behaviors?

1) Indiscreet Employee


This post is a great example of why it isn’t always such a great idea to complain about your boss on a site like Facebook.


2) Scorned Woman


This is why background checks are a great idea before dating someone! Wedding rings are easy to hide, marriage records not so much.


3) Trickster


This prankster is the perfect reminder that we need to be responsible with our personal information. Always remember to keep your password private!


4) Modern Student


We can only hope that this young lady’s thoughts on education aren’t shared by many others of her generation.


5) Student Traveling Down Memory Lane


This student’s post set off all kinds of alarms- we’re hoping he’s just joking about the webcams!


6) Mistaken Mother

not mom

A classic case of mistaken identity takes a twist with a mother apparently unable to tell the difference between her son and a stranger- we’re going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that it’s due to Greg’s poorly lit profile picture.


7) Geographically Challenged Woman

new york

Before we cringe too much, maybe she meant goodbye South America, hello New York? No, we didn’t think so either.


8) Inappropriate Father

creepy dad

There are some things a father shouldn’t call his daughter, and we’re pretty sure that “sexy” is at the top of the list.


9) Confused Person


If watching Titantic was this confusing, imagine what Chervon’s reaction to Sharknado would be!


10) Insecure Girlfriend

confused girlfriend

We’re not sure what is more cringe-worthy about this status; Shannon’s oppressive ideas about relationships, or the thought of her significant other’s reaction to her post!


Now that we’ve gone through our top ten most cringe-worthy Facebook posts we want to hear from you. Share your stories of Facebook interactions that made you cringe below, just be sure to remember to please keep any sensitive information such as last names private!