LOL Autocorrects



We know you have probably seen funny and awkward autocorrects that made you cringe…but we found more for your enjoyment! Here are our Top 10- Slow down your texting out there!


1. McDonkadonk


We almost wish this one wasn’t an autocorrect, because the term “McDonkadonk” is pretty amazing!


2. That’s Not a Drone, It’s a Bird


Ignore that drone hovering outside your kitchen window, he just wants some meatballs.


3. Backpedal As Fast As You Can!


Did I say gym membership?  What I really meant to say is you look pretty today, I swear!


4. Mom has a Secret


It might be time to run a background check on Mom to see what she’s been up to…


5.  Unconventional Medicine 

Most people use chicken soup and cough syrup to combat a cold, but every family is different.


6. Party Prawns


We’re simultaneously horrified at the thought of prawns after they’ve been in the mail and amazed at the photo of the party prawn. Just look at his awesome hat!


7. Time for a New Babysitter

boston market

But on the bright side you have Boston Market® for dinner!


8. Licking Dogs


Animal Control would probably frown on you licking your dog for 2 hours, and we’re pretty sure they’re not the only ones who would.


9. Stay Away Cousin Molly


It really might be better (and safer) if you and Jess made your own plans tonight.


10. Skiing Girlfriends


You really should invite her to go before you go to the trouble of inflating her!


Do you have more LOL autocorrects to share? Comment below and share them with the world!



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