Facebook now has an estimated 1.35 billion users worldwide. With that large of a group, you’re bound to run into plenty of friends (or just Facebook friends) who drive you crazy. We’ve found five examples of the most annoying behavior on Facebook- have any of your Facebook friends committed one of these faux pas?

1. Quiz Junkie


One of the most recent fads on Facebook is also one of the most annoying- the dreaded quiz. An innocent trend at first, many people now find their news feeds full of quizzes such as “What Fairytale Princess Are You” and “What Lord of The Rings Character Are You” and are quickly losing patience. Save your reputation and your friends’ sanity by not sharing these repetitive time wasters!


2. Political Poster


No matter what your political affiliation is, we can assure you that the fastest way to end up being ignored by friends is to over-share political posts. We aren’t saying that the occasional and well-timed political post won’t be enjoyed by your peers, but nobody wants to have their news feed swamped with all the negative finger-pointing and anger that comes with repeated political memes and articles.


3.  Innocent Informer


With so many people on Facebook it’s become a great tool for sharing news and information, but you must remember the rule that “not everything you find on the Internet is true.” Let us repeat that- NOT EVERYTHING YOU FIND ON THE INTERNET IS TRUE! So before you share that story about Ebola hitting your hometown, make sure to do some research. Odds are the story you found might be a little less than accurate, and by double-checking you’ll be saving yourself and your friends.


4. Private Moment Publicizer


Quite possibly the most uncomfortable of all Facebook faux pas are couples who air their dirty laundry over public Facebook posts. Arguments between couples in public places like status updates, photo comments, and wall posts usually only accomplish two things- making their friends uncomfortable or giving entertainment to their enemies. Bottom line, keep private issues private.


5. Food Photographer


Finally we reach what may be the oldest of all Facebook faux pas- frequent food photography. We don’t mean the friend who cooked a gorgeous meal and wants to share their accomplishment- we’re talking about the people who have a strange compulsion to document every single piece of food that is put in front of them. Every. Single. Piece. While food is amazing we can assure you that your friends aren’t nearly as thrilled about that banana and bowl of oatmeal as you are, so please stop!


Have any Facebook faux pas that drive you crazy? Share them with us in the comments!