Going to jail is a serious event, but there’s often a silver lining to the situation: mugshots. Below we’ve gathered six hilarious mugshots sure to make you laugh- this much fun should be criminal!


1. Do Not Pass Go


Sorry buddy, but you weren’t supposed to take the shirt literally.


2. Marker Makeup


We’re pretty sure this is what it looks like when you get in a fight with a marker and lose horribly.


3. Clownish Crook

half done hair

That’s okay, there will be plenty of time to finish your hair in jail!


4. Fuzzy Felon

Half Shaved

No Shave November- you’re doing it wrong.


5. Mugshot Muumuu


Don’t you just hate having your photo taken in your house dress?


6. Computer Criminal

internet shirt

Today might not have been the best day for you to come outside after all!


Have more hilarious mugshots you’d like to share with us? Show us in the comments below!