We love our relatives because they’re our family (and we have to), but every family has members that are a little more “unique” than others. Below is a list of our “favorite” family members- how many can you find at your holiday gathering this year?


1. The Gossip


The Gossip is the family member that may seem sweet and genuinely interested in what you have going on in your life- make no mistake though, they will exaggerate anything to make a good story.

Example: Argue with your spouse about a small issue in front of the Gossip? Don’t be surprised when you soon hear rumors of your impending (and nonexistent) divorce spreading around the party!


2. The Lush


The Lush is one of the easiest to spot! May also be distinguished by a flushed face, slurred speech, or tendency to laugh loud, hard and often.

Example: The Lush will probably come bearing the gift of at least two wine bottles- one for themselves and one for the rest of the party.


3. The Questioner


The Questioner is the relative who pounces as soon as they see you with a thousand questions about your life. The Questioner is likely to make you rethink every decision you’ve made in the last year.

Example: Usually a relative such as a mother or aunt, they will bombard you with questions like “When are you getting married?” or “Have you gotten a promotion at work yet?” until you’re ready to run screaming from the house.


4. The Embellisher


A master of everything, the Embellisher is sure to corner you and tell you every single amazing thing they’ve done since they saw you last.

Example: If your cousin just started martial arts lessons a week ago and is already talking about how they’re a black belt, you may have an Embellisher in your midst.


5. The Pouter


The Pouter is a spoiled adult that is far too used to getting their own way. Whether they’re pouting because you didn’t get the brand of cranberry sauce that they enjoy or because they don’t want to help with dishes, the Pouter will make you wish that putting an adult in time-out was an option in life.

Example: If your sister is crying about how her Christmas present isn’t big enough and that your parents need to buy another, congrats- you’ve found the Pouter!


6. The Worker Bee


The Worker Bee is so concerned with everyone having a perfect holiday that they fail to enjoy it themselves. Be extra kind to the Worker Bee, and be sure to thank them for their efforts.

Example: The Worker Bee can often be found attempting to perfectly bake every holiday treat known to man. If exhaustion has set in, they may also be found under a pile of lists and wrapping paper.


7. The Grump


The Grump hates everything about the holidays. Seriously, everything. Their rage begins the day after Halloween and doesn’t end until after the New Year. The Grump usually has no real reason for hating the holidays; it’s just their thing.

Example: The Grump will usually be heard complaining about how early Christmas decorations were available in the stores this year, and can often be found berating the Worker Bee about wasting their time doing things for the holidays.


8. The Technology Addict


The Technology Addict seems completely unable to be without an electronic device in their hands at any given time. The Technology Addict is more interested in taking selfies, updating their Facebook status, and generally prefer to text rather than actually speak.

Example: If you have to get your brother to come to dinner by sending him a message on Facebook, you may have a Technology Addict on your hands.


Do you know of more types of holiday family members that we missed? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!