5 Unforgettable Christmas Sweaters Found on Etsy



Trying to get ready for an ugly sweater party, but can’t find that perfect one? We’ve found 5 solutions to your problem, and even better- all of these sweaters are available to purchase from some of the great small shops on Etsy!


1. Rough Reindeer

Via Etsy User Burford Designs

Burford Designs starts off the list with a reindeer sweater that will definitely never be forgotten!


2. Scary Santas

Via Etsy User tstreasures17

This sweater from tstreasures17, complete with floating Santa heads and snowflake appliques, is a holiday must-have. We might need to run a background check on Santa after seeing this one!


3. Snuggly Snowman

Via Etsy User Vintage Design By Vines

This snowman fromĀ Vintage Design By Vines has a little bit of everything. He even brought you some garland for your tree!


4. Tinsel-Trimmed

Via Etsy User tackyuglychristmas
Via Etsy User tackyuglychristmas

Our next item takes Christmas a step further! Garland, snowmen, stockings, Santa, and wreathes- what more can you ask for? We thank tackyuglychristmas for bring us this glorious creation.


5. Staring Santa Claws

Via Etsy User JuBeeJays
Via Etsy User JuBeeJays

We love this unique idea from JuBeeJays! This sweater comes with an additional bonus- a staring contest partner! Don’t stare too long though.


Have you found even more amazing ugly holiday sweaters? Share them with us below in the comments!




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