The Internet is a double edged sword, simultaneously connecting us to the rest of the world and making us more susceptible to things like hackers or computer viruses. Begin 2015 by making sure that you’re protecting yourself against danger with these helpful tips!

1. Don’t over-share on Facebook. While that vacation you’ve got planned is exciting and something you want to post to your friends about, think twice. Sharing when you’ll be away from your home for an extended period of time is a perfect opportunity for a criminal to come around- just ask the Cheatheam family from California!

2. Be careful when opening email attachments. If you don’t know the person sending you the email, or if the name or email title seems strange (such as “Earn Money Fast”), the safest thing to do is to simply delete the email to avoid accidentally opening yourself to a virus.

3. Never share your passwords. No company will ever ask you for your password over email- if you receive a message saying that there’s an issue with your account and they need your password DO NOT REPLY. Instead, call the company in question and report the email to them directly.

4. Make sure you have reliable anti-virus software installed on your computer. A good anti-virus program like AVG can detect a virus before it infects your computer and steals your information.

5. Monitor your children’s Internet usage. A tool like Safe Eyes can help you filter undesirable websites, enable safe-searching, and keep an eye on their social networks.

Know of more online safety tips? Share them with us below in the comments!