When you’re expecting a baby life suddenly fills with choices- is it best to breastfeed or use a bottle? Are cloth diapers or disposable better? It’s an exciting journey that’s enough to make a new parent feel completely dizzy, but the most important choice is yet to come- picking a name.

2014 was a year full of interesting name choices- top baby names included Ava, Zoe, Liam, and Caden. Celebrity babies like Apollo (born to Gwen Stefani), Bodhi Ransom (born to Megan Fox), and Royal Reign (born to Lil’ Kim) filled the news as well, inspiring more new parents to pick an out of the box name for their own babies. But now it’s 2015, and with a new year comes a new trend in creative baby naming- Erfolgswelle®.

Erfolgswelle® is a Swiss branding agency that will create a name for your baby that is guaranteed to have never been used before- for a fee of about $31,000. To put that large number in perspective, in 2013 USDA estimated that it cost between $11,260 and $23,870 to raise a child to the age of two. But what exactly do you get for this large amount of money?

According to CEO and founder Marc Hauser the fee covers a team of copywriters to create the names, historians who check past name, people search, and census records for the names, linguists who ensure the name isn’t offensive in any language, and legal name experts who make sure the name isn’t already registered as a company or product. Together this team works for over 100 hours to bring you a list of 15-25 names to choose from for your bundle of joy.

You can be sure that they take their jobs very seriously as well and won’t simply choose a silly name just because it’s unique- their website has a list of important criteria including sound and rhythm of the first name, uniqueness of the name, and harmony with the last name. Hauser also told ABC “Some of the copyrights on our team are parents as well, so it’s not just about the name. It’s very important to us to give a name that fits within the family’s culture and background.”

 The group also goes a step further by doing some market people search research- the list is sent to 780 people who send back the names that appeal to them the most. But Hauser assures that “the family is always in charge—they have the rudder in their hands.” Once you’ve chosen a name the team will go back to work, this time to bring you a new history and mythology to match the name you’ve chosen.  Hauser told Buzzfeed “Based on the elements of the new name, we create a story with a positive message. That’s why all the parts of the name need a positive message in it.”

But what’s really in a name? For some, it may be trouble- the student reward website schoolstickers.com compiled a list of student names that received the most commendations or punishments from their teachers in 2014. The list of naughty students included names like Ella, Bethany, Eleanor, Joseph, Cameron, and William. The list of rewarded students included Amy, Georgia, Emma, Jacob, Daniel, and Thomas. While the lists were created in fun, perhaps new parents will reconsider naming their little one Ella or Joseph!

While $31,000 seems like a rather steep price to pay to name a child, many families from all over the world disagree. Hauser says that his company has enjoyed quite a bit of success already with families from all over the world, but understandably they have all as of yet chosen to keep the names quiet. We look forward to hearing the first name made public from this promising company. Be sure to check back here with Advanced Background Checks for updates!