While Advanced Background Checks has up-to-date public records data to help you locate people, there may be a rare instance during which your search comes back with no results. But how could this happen if there are billions of records available on AdvancedBackgroundChecks.com? The culprit could be one of the four following issues.

1. A court ordered that the records be sealed or expunged. Public records are records that are available for public viewing, including most birth, marriage, criminal, and death records. However, there are circumstances in which these records are “sealed”- in other words, they are removed from public access (in some rare cases destroyed) and can only be accessed with a court order. Records are sealed for many reasons, including but not limited to: juvenile criminal records, birth records in the case of a closed adoption, and legal cases involving state or trade secrets.

2. The person is not a legal citizen of the United States. Because Advanced Background Checks only has records from the United States, a person who does not have U.S. citizenship is not likely to be found with a people search. So, for example, if you were searching for information on your pen pal from Australia an address search would be unable to help. However, if you wanted to see if your pen pal from Denver has a criminal record an address search would be the perfect tool for the job!

3. The person is under 18 years of age. To both protect the privacy of minors and to comply with Federal laws, Advanced Background Checks does not have the records regarding anyone under the age of 18. And, in some cases, it does take a couple of years for a person who is over the age of 18 to begin to establish public records.

4. The person has requested that their records be hidden. While Advanced Background Checks’ main goal is to help you reconnect with the people that matter most to you, your desire for privacy is also of the utmost importance. You can request that we hide your records, or “opt out” with this form– but please remember that as these are public records they may be available on other websites. An opt out service like optout.com can help if you would like to hide the records another people search site may have.