Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

Many of us know at least one person who’s had personal items stolen from their home. But how many of us know someone who had an entire home stolen?

A vacationing family recently attempted to stay at their home away from home, a cabin in Washington. When they arrived they were shocked to see … nothing. Their cabin was gone.

The confused family made “STOLEN” signs with a picture of their rural dwelling. But no one seemed to know what happened. And cabins rarely walk away on their own.

A Crime Tip

Turns out, a neighbor did see the cabin being carried away on a trailer. She assumed it was getting repossessed. When she learned about the crime, however, she informed local authorities.

Her tip led Officers to a remote site where they noticed something unusual.
A runaway cabin.
On stilts.

Thieves managed to get the cabin down a narrow path, hoist it up on stilts and even build a deck using property found inside the stolen domicile.

After an investigation, the family will get their cabin back. But they’ll have to make repairs and replace their belongings.

Who Stole My House?

The proud new owner of a log cabin in Oregon was very excited about his purchase. Until he returned to the property two months after closing the deal. His home had simply vanished.

This wasn’t an easily portable piece of property. Someone had to tear up the cement foundation and relocate the cabin using a trailer. Authorities believe this may have been done by people who felt they had ownership of this property. Apparently, they sold it to yet another person. They even offered delivery.

Which led to many questions:

– Who really owns the house?

– Where is the house?
There were probably more, but those were the big two.


We all want to protect our belongings. We’d like to think they are safe inside our homes. So what do you do when someone makes off with your entire abode? Here’s hoping there are no copycat crimes.


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