Advanced Background Checks Presents: Unusual Crime Stories!

A teenager in Eastlake Ohio recently managed to get away from pursing Police Officers. At least for a little while.

The 18-year-old driver ran a red light one morning. His violation was seen by a nearby Officer, who attempted to pull the teen over. This teenager, however, was not interested in cooperating.

Thankfully the young man did not opt for a high-speed chase. Instead, he pulled into a nearby driveway and ran away. Somehow, he managed to escape during this much lower-speed pursuit.

Later that day it seemed like the teen’s luck might change for the worse. He was stopped by another Officer. But this teenager had a masterful plan. He explained that he was just walking to a friend’s house.

So the Officer let him go.

It seemed like the fast-footed youth was in the clear. Until he went back to the scene of the crime. The young man lost his hat while running away from the law. Now he wanted it back.

The teen returned to where his earlier incident occurred. An Officer was in the area, so the hatless youth asked for help. He explained, apparently in great detail, the appearance of his missing headgear.

Luckily for him, an Officer found the hat.

Unluckily for him, Officers also arrested the young man.

As the old saying goes: The love of a hat is the root of all incarcerations. Or something like that…

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