Some crimes are never solved. There are criminal masterminds who meticulously plans schemes that will baffle Investigators for years to come.

And then there are the pizza thieves who tried to sell their stolen goods to a group of on-duty Police Officers.

A Pizza Crime History

John Koozaata and Lewis Oozeva are accused of stealing 80 frozen pizzas from a warehouse in Gambell, Alaska. The heist went down on a Sunday night, when no one was working at the chilly warehouse. We don’t know how the culprits broke in, or how hungry they were at the time, but we do know that they made off with more than $1,000 in ready-to-bake foodstuffs.

If the thieves had been painstakingly cautious and pulled off their heist with immaculate precision, they may have gotten away with this misdeed. But they didn’t consider one important detail. It’s never a good idea to try and sell stolen goods at a Police Station.

A Cheesy Call

After a seemingly clean getaway, Koozaata and Oozeva found themselves with a large stockpile of za. They thought about what to do next and formulated a plan. Then they called the Gambell Police Station and offered to sell them a large number of frozen meals.

We’re not sure how often people call Police Stations in the hopes of selling stolen food to Officers. But this scenario caused Gambell Officers to become suspicious. And those suspicions were soon confirmed.

These weren’t enterprising young men trying to generate business for their new frozen treats establishment. They were something much worse. Common pizza thieves.

Pizzaing The Case Together

The suspects were quickly arrested and are currently in custody. Officers were able to recover 75 of the purloined pizzas. So what happened to the other 5? They were eaten by the saucy pizza thieves. It seems that breaking and entering can generate a substantial hunger.

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