Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

A man named T. Bontrager was recently arrested for burglary. This is a serious crime, but we’re hoping that one of his fellow inmates asks how he got caught. Because Bontrager would be forced to answer: “I needed a nap.”

Crime Takes A Snooze

Okay, it’s unlikely Bontrager would give that answer (we can hope, though). But if he was being honest, he’d have to say something like that.

On a Friday night in Florida, Bontrager is said to have illegally entered a home. He checked the house and found an unlocked sliding glass door. That’s where the crime began.

We don’t know if most criminals feel a surge of adrenalin while “on the job”, but apparently that did not happen this time. The homeowner work up bright an early on Saturday morning. She was a little surprised to see a stranger asleep on her couch.

A Daring Escape Plan

After waking her unexpected visitor, the homeowner asked the man why he was there. The quick-thinking criminal hastily apologized, and then started pacing around the house. This didn’t prove to be a satisfactory answer, so she called the police. Bontrager left.

Police arrived a short time later. They learned that the burglar got away with a wallet, cash and personal checks. After receiving a description, Officers went searching for the thief.

A while later, they found a suspect. But there was a problem. The man who’d been described to them was wearing pants. However, the man they encountered was dressed in shorts. Perhaps this criminal was also a master of disguise. He was taken into custody, just in case.

The homeowner quickly identified the shorts-wearing man as her sleepy intruder. His clever masquerade did not fool her. More proof of his misdeed was discovered that same day, when Officers found the burglar’s pants in a wooded area. The home owner’s wallet was found next to those treacherous slacks.

Burglary Charges

Since his arrest, Bontrager has been charged with Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling. For now, this sleepy burglar will have to catch his z’s in the county jail. Bail was set at $25,000.

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We’re glad crime did not pay in this case, and that the burglar was caught quickly. He won’t be breaking and entering and napping anytime soon.