Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

A Master Criminal meticulously plots every aspect of their misdeed. They make calculated decisions to ensure their crimes go smoothly, and nothing ties them to the wrongdoing. When a Master Criminal finally strikes, no one knows until it’s far too late.

Then there are alleged criminals like Levi Charles Reardon. Instead of doing everything possible to stay off the radar, he literally “Liked” his own Most Wanted poster.

Stolen Checks

Reardon is accused of stealing checks and a wallet. He is said to have signed four of these pilfered checks and cashed them for his own ill-gotten gain.

It seems that Reardon quickly became the top suspect in this crime. But authorities needed a way to find him. They got help from the Cascade County Crime Stoppers Facebook page. Reardon’s picture was posted in the hopes that someone could help them locate this Wanted man.

More help arrived quickly. Levi Charles Reardon saw the post, and decided to click Like.

Levi Charles Reardon Arrested For Felony Forgery

That Like may haunt Reardon for years. Although he later “Unliked” the photo, this story earned him some unwanted international attention. News sources around the world are reporting on his poor social media decision.

Since the story broke, Reardon has been arrested. The Cascade County Crime Stoppers placed a follow-up on their Page, informing viewers that the suspect was caught and in custody. We’re pretty sure Reardon won’t be clicking the Like button for that.

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Levi Charles Reardon will never be thought of as a Master Criminal. For now, he also won’t be illegally cashing checks or Liking anything on social media.