Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

It’s said that a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.

But what do you say about a man who hires a stuffed owl to act on his behalf?

My Lawyer, My Bird.

You might wonder who-who-who would do such a thing (and then you’d probably feel bad for making such a horrible pun).

Charles Abbott was accused of a real crime. He had an appearance at a real courthouse. But instead of hiring a real Attorney, he made an unusual choice.

Abbott brought a stuffed owl to defend him in court (AKA: an Owltorrney). This might be a great plan for anyone facing a group of stuffed rodents, but in a court of law it was rather out of place.

A Temporary, Feathered Defender

If you’re thinking “That’s crazy!” … consider this. . That owl has degrees from Yale, Harvard and Stanford. At least according to Abbott. Pretty impressive, for a bird.

Despite the owl’s vast qualifications, Abbott stipulated that his fowl friend would only represent him until a Public Defender (we assume he meant a human) could be appointed.

The stuffed owl, who is named Soloman, was not asked to provide input on this case. The judge chose to ignore this unexpected guest and proceed without the little guy’s help.

Give A Hoot About Checking Backgrounds

We didn’t hear if Abbott won his case, with or without the owl’s help, but we hope things worked out for the best. This odd situation might make you wonder about Abbott’s background. Did he have a criminal record? Is there an easy way to shed light on his past?

If you ever need to look up important information about someone, including whether or not they have a criminal record, then visit us for a comprehensive Background Report. It’s a fast and easy way to get the facts you need.

But if you ever need any type of professional representation … please.

Don’t hire an owl.