It was a nightmare scenario. A three-year-old boy was kidnapped from a library in Milpitas, CA. His terrified mother had no idea where he could be.

The kidnapping was reported immediately, and authorities sent out a desperate Alert. In kidnapping cases, time is always an essential factor.

Police Report: Child Abduction

The victim was described as a 3-year-old male wearing red shoes and plaid shorts. There weren’t many details about the abductor, other than he was an adult male wearing a black hooded sweater.

A bus driver named Tim Watson heard about the kidnapping. While driving his route, he noticed something suspicious. One of the people on his bus was an adult male with a young child.

The man wore a black, hooded sweater. And the little boy was crying.

A Closer Look

It wasn’t much, but something about the situation just did not feel right. The concerned bus driver wanted a closer look, but knew he had to be discreet. The last thing he wanted was for the passenger to grab this child and run.

Thinking quickly, the driver announced that someone reported a lost backpack. He needed to stop the bus and do a quick search. This would only take a moment.

All of the passengers went about their business as Mr. Watson quickly passed by. After a short time, he returned to his seat and drove on.

Reporting A Kidnapping

Once it was safe to do, Watson contacted the police. He told them that he got a good look at a male passenger with a young companion. That boy matched their description of the kidnapping victim. He was around 3, and wore plaid short with red shoes.

A plan was quickly put in place. By the time the passenger reached his stop, police were there to meet him.

Watson reported that he took his time stopping the bus and opening the doors. He wanted to make sure the officers had plenty of time to prepare.

A Kidnapping Prevented

The boy on the bus was in fact the same child who had been abducted just an hour earlier. Thanks to an alert and fast-thinking driver, this boy was soon reunited with his loving family.

A local police officer called Watson an absolute hero. He saw something was wrong, came up with an incredible plan, and followed it flawlessly.

Authorities are investigating the abductor. He has no ties to the boy or his family. Investigators will look into his past to see if he has a history of criminal behavior. If you ever need to look up important information about someone, including whether or not they have a criminal record, then visit us for a comprehensive Background Report.

No one knows what might have happened if it weren’t for Tim Watson, but we can all be grateful for the hero bus driver who made sure this child got home safely.