Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

When you love someone, you may be willing to do a lot for them. But there are some things you just should not do. Like commit a felony.

A man named Robert Rivas is accused of robbing the Utah Community Credit Union. His motive was simple. He needed bail money for his girlfriend.

Bank Robbery And Other Bad Ideas

It seemed that Rivas was caught in a conundrum. His girlfriend was in jail on drug charges. He wanted her out. But he didn’t have money for bail.

Rivas needed a way to get cash fast. He came up with a plan. And he recruited a friend to help.

Allegedly, Rivas and a man named Armando Ambriz worked together to pull a modern day bank heist. The men donned disguises, including wigs, fake beards and a hat. Their plan worked, or so it seemed at first. They were reportedly able to get into the bank and walk away with an unknown amount of money.

Trading Places

Ambriz, the accomplice, did not fare too well in a post-robbery environment. He was picked up shortly after leaving the bank. According to one Officer, Ambriz was easy to spot. He was the only person around wearing a noticeably fake beard, wig and eyebrows.

Rivas, however, managed to get away from the scene.

It wasn’t long before his luck ran out. Within a few hours he was arrested and charged with a felony robbery. But it seems Rivas had acted quickly. He managed to post bail for his girlfriend before getting arrested.

So she was getting out, and he was going in.

Sometimes, Bank Robberies Don’t Turn Out Well

The girlfriend’s name is being kept a secret, as she may be called upon to testify in the robbery case. We assume she is happy to be free, but imagine she might feel pretty conflicted about the way she got there.

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We don’t know whether or not Rivas’ girlfriend will return the favor and bail him out. If she does, we hope she chooses a far less dangerous and much more legal plan.