Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

They say you should dress for success in every situation. One woman in Citrus Park, Florida seems to have truly taken that concept to heart.

She was caught on camera – (allegedly) shoplifting from an Ulta Beauty Supply Store. While wearing a shirt that boldly proclaimed: “Won’t Be Caught.”

Shoplifting Duo

The seemingly fearless suspect was accompanied by another woman. Her clothing did not make any claims as to whether or not she’d be captured for committing crimes.

This pair reportedly snuck a bag into the store and filled it with expensive perfumes. All told, the women made off with nearly $1,500 worth of products. So if they’re caught, the shirt will be proven wrong, but at least they’ll smell nice.

Shoplifters On Camera

Despite the proclamation on this woman’s shirt, police are confident they will identify the suspects. Both women were captured on video. They were also seen leaving in a bright blue car.

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We hope this is one time that t-shirts are not always right, and that these suspects will be caught soon.