Advanced Background Checks Presents: Weird Crime Stories

They say the family that plays together, stays together. We aren’t aware of any cute sayings that explain what happens when families throw bricks at each other.

Two brothers are about to learn the consequences of that unusual scenario. The story begins with Michael and James Remelius having an argument.

Escalating Argument

James and Michael are twin brothers. They recently exchanged words in the front yard of a Florida home. The situation escalated quickly.

At some point during their conversation, Michael picked up a brick and threatened his sibling. Not to be outdone, James grabbed a brick of his own.

We don’t know why there were so many loose bricks in this yard. But we do know that the brother found themselves at a Brick Holding Standoff.

When Bricks Fly

The scene must have been tense. Two grown men standing in a yard, threatening to throw bricks at each other. Michael pounced first.

He reportedly heaved his brick, striking James in the leg. The result was a small cut.

James reacted angrily. He allegedly tossed his brick directly at his brother’s face. The heavy block was intended for Construction. On this day, however, it only brought Destruction.

Brick Throwers, Prison Goers

We’re not sure how the police got involved. We assume that an onlooker dialed 911 and reported this odd occurrence. But we do know that both men were arrested.

You probably won’t ever need to find out if your sibling was arrested for brick assault, but you can always see if someone has a criminal record with a Background Check. It can help you decide if you want to spend time with a person … or if it might be in your best interest to avoid them.

James had his bail set at $25,000. Michael’s was $20,000. When this is all over, we hope they can put down the bricks and rebuild their relationship.